Company History

keeble-don The company history started with our founding members who were three Civil Engineers returning to the UK after having worked in Southern Africa. They were partners in a successful firm of Consulting Engineers and owned a materials testing laboratory in Northern Rhodesia (present day Zambia) which was aptly named Northern Testing Laboratories. They worked extensively on developing the roads and infrastructure in Central and Southern Africa.

Upon settling in the South of England, the partners were determined to put their collective knowledge and expertise to practice by organising a materials testing service which would serve Southern England. Hence, Southern Testing Laboratories Ltd was founded in 1967.

Always rooted in the construction industry, the company expanded rapidly to provide geotechnical ground investigation and consulting services, in addition to its in-house testing facility. Southern Testing gained international recognition as a quality and innovative specialist provider of geotechnical site investigation services winning commissions in the West Indies, Ivory Coast and Nigeria as well as the United Kingdom.

southern-testing-company-historyIn the 1980s following a further period of rapid growth, the company launched a specialist environmental ground investigation consultancy and remediation service to meet the needs that extensive environmental legislation placed upon the construction industry as a whole.

Today our Head Office is located in East Grinstead, Sussex near London, Gatwick. Keeble House is named after Mr. Donovan Keeble, one of the three founding members and Chairman of Southern Testing from 1967 until 1992.

The company has since opened regional offices in Northampton to serve the East Midlands (2006), Hannington to serve the South-West and Warrington to serve the North-West where they are known as ST Consult. (ST Consult is a trading style of Southern Testing Laboratories Ltd)

Southern Testing and ST Consult look forward to providing and developing the geotechnical and geo-environmental site and ground investigation services to meet the needs of today’s construction industry.

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