Pre-Purchase Site Assessment

pre-purchase-site-assessmentAll our pre-purchase site assessment reports are prepared by engineers who understand the property development process and are experienced at identifying potential liability or other possible defects that may affect development at an early stage.

Our pre-purchase examination reports provide a brief account of ground conditions based on a visual inspection, such as ground engineering or stability problems, groundwater drainage and pavement design options.  It is not a fully comprehensive site inspection report and it is anticipated that further site investigation work, including geotechnical and chemical laboratory testing, will be carried out following purchase.

We offer two different levels of pre-purchase survey for residential or commercial land or property:

  • Preliminary site assessment – includes a Phase 1 Desk Study and is based on site observations and limited site investigation testing. It does not include any laboratory testing. The report is issued within a few days of site work and therefore is particularly useful as an initial, rapid, low cost check.
  • Extended site assessment – also includes a Phase 1 Desk Study, limited site investigation testing together with the results of limited geotechnical and / or chemical laboratory soil testing. An interim report is issued within a few days of site work, then revised and reissued on receipt of all soil testing results, usually after a further 10 to 15 working days.

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