Slopes & Retaining Structures

RetainingWe have a wealth of experience investigating slopes which have either failed naturally, or where a risk of slope failure has been recognised on engineering works.

Slope failure can occur in natural circumstances or as a result of poorly designed engineering works. Examples of natural slope failures are seen when groundwater conditions change and when erosion occurs. Examples of failure due to poor engineering design are seen where cuttings are made into slopes particularly where pre-existing slip surfaces exist, slopes are surcharged, changes are made in groundwater regimes, or where vegetation / tree cover is removed.

Our ground investigation engineering and technical team has experience in:

  • Designing the Site Investigation
  • Undertaking the Fieldwork / Restricted Access Rigs
  • Installation of Instrumentation
  • Long and Short Term Monitoring
  • Geomorphological and Hazard Mapping
  • Detailed Slope Analyses
  • Advising & Designing Slope Remedial Schemes
  • Slope Stabilisation
  • Retaining structures – Reinforced Soil Slopes, Soil Nails, Retaining Walls, Crib walls, Gabbion Walls
  • Overseeing the Installation of the Chosen Design

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