Combined Experience

Southern Testing have the resources to meet the widest range of project requirements. By combining in-house geotechnical and geoenvironmental expertise, we can provide integrated solutions to both geotechnical and environmental issues giving our clients a ‘one stop shop’ for site investigation.


We employ a team of over 75 staff across five regional UK offices, which comprise a strong leadership of highly experienced, Chartered and Incorporated, Geotechnical, Geological, Civil and Environmental Engineers as well as specialist retained industry Consultants. They are supported by enthusiastic and forward thinking, multi-disciplined teams of senior and graduate engineers and environmental scientists, field technicians, drilling crews, laboratory technicians and administrative staff.

Client Involvement

Every project is under the personal control of a fully qualified engineer or scientist and is carried out under the guidance of our registered management systems ISO 9001: 2008, ISO 14001: 2004 and OHAS 45001: 2018. The best solution is achieved by matching the objectives of the project to the investigation of any potential hazards. Client liaison is a key element and the engineer or scientist in charge of each investigation is involved with the client at every appropriate stage.

In-house Technical Knowledge

With over 45,000 investigations completed over the last 55 years, we have amassed extensive technical archive and in-house knowledge relating to the geological engineering, geotechnical and geoenvironmental characteristics of land throughout the UK. Such a wealth of data is instrumental in developing the initial ground model and tackling the opportunities and problems that new projects may present.

205-loadingFocused Advice and Practical Solutions

By understanding our client’s needs and appreciating the role that the ground issues play within the wider context of the development, we are able provide focused, technical advice and practical solutions. We own and operate an extensive fleet of drilling and in-situ field testing equipment, including conventional, low disturbance and restricted access plant.

The almost exclusive use of our own plant, equipment, skilled in-house operators and site and engineering personnel, allows us to design, effectively manage and tailor each ground investigation to our clients needs, as well as react rapidly to any changing or unforeseen site conditions. This flexibility helps streamline and accelerate the decision making process, while ensuring that any risks are identified, promptly managed and thus minimised.

Customer Satisfaction

We recognise the importance of quality in the work we do and continually strive to ensure that we provide the relevant information, first time, on time and within budget. A measure of the success of our approach can be evidenced by our excellent safety record, high levels of customer satisfaction across all sectors and the high proportion of our work that is repeat business.

Get in touch

If you have any questions about our services or would like to discuss how we could help you, please get in touch using our contact form below. Please provide as much information as possible about the nature of your enquiry, particularly the purpose of the investigation, the site address and postcode.

Any existing or proposed site plans are useful and can be attached beneath the message box. Please provide a contact address, email and telephone number. We will get in touch as soon as possible.

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