Southern Testing Support PSP Association

Southern Testing are proud to announce that the PSP Association (PSPA) has been chosen as our supported charity for 2017.

PSP (Progressive Supranuclear Palsy) and CBD (Cortio Basal Degeneration) have similar symptoms, hence being under the same umbrella within the PSP Association. They are both rare degenerative neurological conditions, PSP having around 4000 people living with the condition in the UK at any given time and about 1000 with CBD. The charity is funded entirely by family and friends of people with these terrible diseases.

Most care professionals, including GPs and hospital staff, have never even heard of PSP or CBD, a GP will be unlucky to come across one patient in his/her entire career. There is currently no cure for these diseases and they are very cruel illnesses, in that they rob the patient of the simple pleasures one comes to expect as one gets older. PSP & CBD generally affect people over 50 and every patient is different, some people can still walk with little aid after 5 years or so, others deteriorate more rapidly then stay on a level platform for years.

Symptoms include loss of balance, stiffness eventually leading to mobility issues, not being able to read, write, lift cutlery etc; this results in apathy and impulsive behaviour. One thing which is particularly hard to adjust to is that the sufferer gets very introverted and, although totally aware of surrounding conversations, they are unable to participate at length, using one or two words to express their wishes instead of sentences.

Currently there are no tests or scans that help with diagnosis, resulting in long periods of consultation and misdiagnosis, such as being told it is Parkinson’s or even that the patient has had a stroke. For the next 4 years PSPA are funding a Doctor, based at University College London, to research into these diseases. They have committed to this at a cost of £34,000 to the charity for each of those years. Vital fundraising from family and friends makes this type of advancement into research possible, and public awareness is the key to more funding; just a simple tag at the bottom of emails or letters can prompt a response which can prove invaluable.

The charity has particular importance to Southern Testing, since an immediate family member of two of our staff is affected by CBD.

If you wish to find out more about PSPA and their work, please visit

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