Dynamic Probing and Sampling

Southern Testing is proud of its reputation as a premier site investigation company. The backbone of our field work is our fleet of dynamic probing and sampling rigs.

Recognising that sites vary in layout, size and scope, we selected our equipment for maximum versatility. The lastest addition to our fleet is pictured below.

We have 2 dedicated rigs for probing, both Standard Penetration Testing (SPT) and  another 4 for sampling, equipped with a range of barrel sizes to maximise sampling capacity and the achievable investigative depth. Two of our machines are set up to allow us to access difficult locations on umbilical hydraulics up to 20m from the rig power source.

Our dynamic sampling lead operators are NVQ qualified in the relevant discipline and fully trained in the use of each machine and the associated techniques. The equipment is subject to a strict maintenance schedule and probing equipment (SPT and DPSH) calibrated each year in accordance with Eurocode/British Standards.

Our rates are competitive and we pride ourselves on our flexibility and ability to tailor the work to your requirements. We are able to supply crews to any site in the UK.

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