CIRIA Risk Assessment & Management of Asbestos in Made Ground

A Ciria meeting was held in Birmingham attended by 70 delegates from a variety of disciplines (Construction Companies, Consultancy’s, Local Authorities, Chemical Laboratories, Transport Infrastructure Companies, HSE and IOM). Andrew Moffatt and Julia Warren attended on behalf of Southern Testing.

CIRIA launched C733 in 2014 which provides guidance on how to manage asbestos in soils, the first guidance since the 1990’s. The document has been well utilised in the past year or so. Previous drafts and interim guidance have been provided by AGS in 2012 and CIRIA.

The topics discussed included a case study of a Contaminated Land Regime Part II of a site in the Midlands. The study included the identification of asbestos on site and representative sampling, estimating exposure of airborne asbestos fibre from asbestos in soil and potential litigation.

Discussions were also held on the Blue Book Method of measuring asbestos fibres in soils, Good Practice in Site Investigations, Soil Surveys and Sampling strategies. The HSE view point on risk from Asbestos in soils was presented and discussed. The proposed new document by CIRIA to provide guidance for site workers on asbestos in soils, and the update on the SOBRA asbestos research document were also presented.

Southern Testing  are experienced in the independent impartial assessment and surveying of asbestos, and have successfully completed site investigation surveys for many industrial & commercial units, grandstands (leisure industry), churches, hospitals, care-homes and residential properties. All our Surveyors have attained accreditation from the British Occupational Hygiene Society P402 Building Surveying and Bulk Sampling, and P405 Management of Asbestos in buildings and undertake Asbestos Surveys, in accordance with the Health & Safety Executive publication HSG264 and undertake annual refresher training as required by CAR2012.

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