Southern Testing

Southern Testing was established in 1967 and operate as a leading independent site investigation, geotechnical engineering and environmental consultancy. From our Head Office in Sussex and through regional offices (ST Consult) in Northampton, Warrington and Swindon, we are able to provide specialist site investigation services to the construction industry throughout the United Kingdom. We provide a number of ground investigation services including Geotechnical and Evironmental consultancy, laboratory testing, and other investigatorial site based services.

Having completed around 40,000 separate ground investigation projects over the last 45 years, we believe we have the knowledge and experience to provide complete surveys for most types of development & construction projects. Southern Testing provides independent site investigation services and consultancy expertise across the whole of the United Kingdom. By understanding our client’s needs and appreciating the role that ground issues play within a wider context, we are able to provide focused and technically excellent advice.

Contact us on 01342 333100 if you would like more information or have an enquiry.


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